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Can you believe it? I've illustrated 70 children's books.

When I walked (no, ran) from my Vice President, Market Development position, my colleagues took a gasp and wide-eyed, somewhat cocked head glare as I announced I was going to move far away and illustrate children's books. Well, it wasn't that far, NJ to NC, but within 6 months (back 15 years ago), I did just that... and landed my first book illustration commission for another author, and my first publisher commitment on my own book.

I'm so very grateful that I took that leap of faith, and that the planets aligned, the stars shown a bright path, and of course God led my feet. Today, I'm living in the beautiful mountains, on a lake, in a far away place that truly feels like the whimsical fancy of my 1600+ illustrations.

I choose today, and days forward, to color outside the lines. Who's coming?

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