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Butterfly Charlie

The Giddy Granny series of books by Lynda Farrington Wilson are modeled after experiences with her adorable, spirited grandchildren, and transformed into zany, heart-warming adventures, sure to bring

giggles to the young and old.

Join Charlie for the Great Butterfly Hunt! A crazy morning in Granny's garden turns up every other creature, besides the butterflies Charlie so loves.

Chugga Connor Choo Choo

Join Connnor for a not-so-typical train adventure! His beloved trains go everywhere, even where they are not supposed to go, but the surprise is all Connor's when he discovers there are LOTS of other things with motors and wheels.

Squirmy Wormy, How I Learned to Help Myself

Voted 2012 Book of the Year

by Creative Child Magazine

"Squirmy Wormy, How I Learned to Help Myself" is a wonderful little children's book about a boy named Tyler, who has autism and SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder).  Together with Tyler, the reader learns about SPD, and what everyday easy therapies he can do by himself feel better. 


Endorsed by Dr. Temple Grandin, this book is sure to help many children, who perhaps previously did not even know they had SPD, lead calmer, richer lives.

"Autistic, How Silly is That" is the first book of its kind that tells children with autism they are KIDS with autism, as it gently pokes fun of the onerous label "autistic".  The readers will feel better about themselves after reading about their new friend, the narrator, who also HAS autism, as well as many other more important characteristics.  Having autism is just one small part of his overall character and humanity.  And we would never again label him as simply "autistic".

Autistic, How Silly is That?

Voted 2012 Preferred Choice

by Creative Child Magazine

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